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Businesses and ΙοΤ: a productive relationship

April 13, 2017

Trends & Views

Office – Home

It will not be long now before your office becomes fully connected with your home, in the sense that you’ll have full control over specific devices from the comfort of either your home or your office. For example, you’ll be able to turn on the coffee machine in your office before leaving your house, so that your coffee is ready when you get there. Thus, you’ll be able to reduce energy waste, e.g. on electricity and heating, and improve your working comfort and ultimately your productivity.

Home – Office

In the exact same way, you’ll be able to control your office devices from home or even use this connectivity to monitor your home from work. Just think how much easier your work life will become, if you connect all the devices you have in your home to one and only Internet hub. For example, you’ll be able to access the data stored in your home computer while you’re at work, thus saving valuable time. It is needless to say that this ability will help you reduce the average expenses that every business suffers in cases of data loss and storage.

Workflows with maximum performance

The general trend is that IoT integration will unify our work and home space better than even before. After all, the working rates are already quite high. Being able to manage your tasks at the office and then continue on your home-based workstation, will save you time and money in the near future. Of course, this means that all of your equipment will have to be readily available at any given moment. Another necessary requirement is having an Internet connection, which after all is a must in an IoT world.

Limitless possibilities

The fact that we live in a world “inhabited” by smart and autonomous devices, may sound disturbing to some, but it can ultimately prove extremely useful for all, and especially for the business world. We’ll be the ones controlling smart devices. This means that devices will be as smart as their users. Obviously, the needs that will be created by the IoT deployment and usage, will render many professions obsolete, but at the same time will bring forward new ones, or even give a new boost to existing ones. The great news for businesses, and especially manufacturers, is that they will have the opportunity to offer their customers real 24/7 customer support, through a variety of connected devices. The business development and evolution prospects are evident.

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